imagen Our nurseries have a total area of more than 1,100,000 m2 divided between our production sites, with greenhouses available for rooting and breeding (5,000 m²), shaded greenhouses (19,000 m²), dedicated to the cultivation areas in containers (85,000 m²) and field crops. We have modern installations and the latest technology for the production of plants. Our magnificent land and our continental climate with extreme temperatures allows us to produce plants with exceptional qualities, resistant to both the low temperatures of winter and high summer temperatures. We have a production of PALM TREES, which, being located in an isolated area, are completely free of red palm weevil, and that along with the weather conditions of cultivation, are excellent for the cold climates of central Europe. Our growing technique, perfected over the years allows us to be specialists in several CONIFER SPECIES,ARBUSTUS UNEDO, ACACIA DEALBATA, etc. The high quality of the plants and the cold weather in which they grow enable the company to export them to the most demanding markets. We appreciate the trust placed in our company and also invite those who not know us yet to visit our nurseries and installations personally.

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